My life, my journey, lessons and triumphs. How God has picked me up at my lowest and covered me in the midst of it all. 

How I chose to rise instead of allowing what I’ve been through to take charge and control over my life.  

I’m a chaos of a women who is rediscovering herself everyday. I am a chaos of a women who has found grace in the love of the Lord. 

I am a survivor, an insurmountable force that cannot be stopped or slowed down. 

I am a daughter to a king. A child to a loving father. I am because He is. I am a child to Him who sees no failure. To Him who renews my strength everyday. To Him who doesn’t keep record of my wrongs. 

I have been forgiven and for that I choose forgiveness everyday. 

I am Letty and I welcome you to MyRed a reflection of me.